Personal Issues

The Hardest Part of Being a ‘Secret’ Girlfriend

For those of you who didn't read the 'about us' section, then it is important for the context of this post that you're aware that my relationship with Naveen is a secret. Now, I use the term 'secret' loosely because I am not a total secret in my boyfriend's life. It's not like we have… Continue reading The Hardest Part of Being a ‘Secret’ Girlfriend

Malayalam 101

Malayalam Numbers (Part I)

For our first lesson, we're going to start by learning how to count from zero to ten in Malayalam. Often it is hard for English only speakers to hear the difference between certain sounds in Malayalam (i.e. 'zha' will probably sound like 'ruh' to your ears) or tell how to say a word even when the… Continue reading Malayalam Numbers (Part I)