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Sh*t People Say About My Interracial/Intercultural Relationship

Warning for racism and strong abusive language. If you are sensitive to these sorts of things then please do not read on!

Below is a collection of the most racist/insensitive/stupid things that people have said to me since Naveen and I began dating. Some of these comments are from strangers, but what I find most disturbing is the vast majority are from acquaintances, friends and even relatives.

I will update this list whenever I hear a new comment, most of the time people aren’t original though and just end up repeating some version of the following:

  • “You don’t look like the kind of girl who would be with an Indian guy.”
  • “Does he [insert racial stereotype here]?”
  • “If you sleep with him no white man will ever want you again.”
  • “Do you have a fetish or something?”
  • “Aren’t you worried about his [Indian] roommates gang raping you when you sleep over at his place?”
  • “Now if you’re asking me if I would prefer that you were with someone white then the answer is yes, I would.”
  • “Oh, you’re dating an Indian guy… what’s that like?”
  • “Doesn’t it bother you that your kids won’t look like you?”
  • “I just think dating someone of the same race would be much easier for you in the long run.”
  • “Are white guys not good enough for you?”
  • “Face it, you’re dating him because on some level you like the attention.”
  • “You know he will never marry you.”
  • “Eventually the novelty will wear off and you’ll settle down with someone white.”

Have you ever experienced racism/prejudice for being in an interracial/intercultural relationship? Tell me in the comments section below!


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